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Wario's Woods SNSF (Untagged) (It's finally working close enough to right to release it. Took long enough. Includes basic ripping caveats for the SNSF format)
Sim City 2000

Not likely to do much of this, but...
Dream Maze SPCs (Untagged)
Pilotwings SPCs (Untagged)

Jack Hartman utilities:
'Universal Game Editor' with UGE.KEY file (UGE10R.ZIP)
'Game Utility for Planet's Edge' with GU-PE.KEY file (
'Game Utility for Eye of the Beholder 2' with GU-EOB2.KEY file (

Kye 2.0, with intro dialog removal information, and charity levels (KYE.ZIP)
Slam! 1.0, with registration generation info, to help start people off on understanding how IDA can be used (, 1993, Robert Epps)
LAD 1.0 & 1.01, with a code generation prog (
FGODMOM Post-Registration Commands including some not shown in the setup executable. Not the reg info itself.
FGODMOM 5.0 and 4.0 because Soggybread's site is currently gone. Includes the above text file.
Duck Tales: Quest For Gold (Any Password) makes the game always accept the password provided, as far as I've found. An oldie that I just couldn't pass up hacking, having been legend to me from someone else saying a teacher had hacked it to do this. Another old task bites the dust.
Mah Jongg for Windows 1.0 Registered, and 3.10 Deregistered are practically the only thing left on the Windows Shareware CDs I have immediate access to. Thanks to the person who provided me with a registered EXE. This system reeks either of evilness or laziness, and I choose to believe the latter when it comes to programming
OILBARON 1.0-1.2, by Al Funk. '15' disables the intro nag screen.

Making Multiple "HP PC Recovery CD-DVD Creator" Recovery Disks from the HP Recovery Partition
Windows on Windows/DOS Windows XP install/repair instructions
RM24912 Universal Remote Manual/Code scans
DOS 6.22 Boot Disk(MSD622BD.ZIP), with CD-ROM drivers. Used to make it easier to transfer files from outside of an emulated DOS/Win3.x environment of VirtualBox, though I suspect it'll work for other Virtual Machine programs. ImgBurn should be able to handle making ISOs with the files you need easier than a using another virtual environment to add files to a .IMG file.

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