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I decided to put together this bit of info on a whim. I have paper copies of all of this, but after having been required to grab info on 2 previous universal remotes that have worn out, I decided to get ahead of the curve and grab online documents before I actually needed them.

The documents I found were incomplete and oversized in my opinion, so I decided that an alternative was a good idea, since some of the more interesting features of the remote weren't listed, and several of the codes weren't shown in the other document. I also felt that the quality of the device was pretty good for the price, so it would likely be somewhat popular.

The manual is in JPG format, and the code list is in PNG format, and was scanned in 6 parts and joined together into 2 pages with some cosmetic editing. JPGs were smaller for the manual by a little, and PNGs were shaving about 1.8mb off the JPG versions for the large code lists. Do whatever you want with the info that you think could help make it look better or be more accessible.

RM24912 Universal Remote Instruction Manual and Code List Sheet(RM24912_Universal_Remote.7z)